Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh lord~

I won't mind any barriels that i am facing all this while on me but please LORD. Please strengthen my father's heart. Help him been able to live a longer time, because i really had lots of mistakes and debts i haven't and couldn't pay him yet. Lord Please give me some time, please help him to go though all sort of critical stages and so on. I'm feeling scared this time, before this i'm such a cold blooded person without any fear in doing stuff. I'm sorry. I couldn't give this a bet, i just lay his life on your hand lord. I'm placing all my trust onto you LORD.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guilty night

yesterday was 4/2/2012 and i planned to bring janice to service her car then we went for lunch at pizza hut, mega long since its the nearest mall to Thian's workshop.. after finishing servicing Thian suddenly asked us if we wanna join them to Lai kai's open house.. transport provided so i joined and surprisingly janice said she wanna go too lol.. But actually her only reason she wanna go is to win money lol.. her luck was very good this CNY.. then after lai kai's open house she brought us to another friend, Simon who was about to proposed at absinthe.. it was cool for its the 1st time i saw a real live propose scene haha but of course janice brought many of my friends over there we all very sakai.. after this we went to Janice house to gamble again.. i brought RM10 and i loss all to janice as usual but this is the 1st time i see Janice lossing so much money.. until the last game all of us raise our capital to the max except me Rm2 lol.. but i became the hero for them.. for at 1st she got black Jack as the broker but i got 15 and that game doesnt count.. 2nd round i got black jack and well as some of them but her card sucks so she not only loss the chance to regain her capital but paying extra money.. lol last night couldnt sleep well coz i see.. she was good.. Because without realizing i lose to her RM90+Rm10 she eventually spend that money back on us.. lol.. she spend me pizza yesterday, 2 days ago at lucy kitchen and previously dumplings..

Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY results

wow today is the 31th of Jan. every Tarcian of sabah branch get their results. DO you wanna know my results? well.. i wont beat around the bush, and just say the overall results.. i.. i.. i losed RM70. ahh.. never wish to gamble anymore.. every year is the same T_T yesterday was winning a lot in front.. but yeah.. my luck goes down once i raise the money =( Oh yea, as for my college results.. i got 1 B+ and others distinction^^

Saturday, January 28, 2012

28/1/2012 saturday

Today went to Suria for movie with desmond and thien. we watched "The Viral Factor" the movie s cool Jay Chou has been adapting lots of changes for nowadays most of the movie that caught the eye of many people are action movie. There u see? he act in a action movie. same goes to his MV mine mine- korean type.. well not to say its a bad thing but i'm his all time fans haha. This movie he acted werent that nice, i'd prefer him acting in rommance type and not bad, Thumbs up for them that we can see that they r promoting Malaysia, showing several high tech, nice cars that malaysia has XD i'm proud of it Thanks Jay Chou. Apart from that, abt me. kinda jealous of something.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its Chinese New Year

Yea its Chinese New Year CHu 3 (25/1/2012) the day b4 that night i lost Rm42.50 in gambling.. thanks to the red dot(hong dian) thingy.. lol but after that the next morning i spent almost half my day gambling with janice 1 vs 1.. and guess wat? i won back some of my money!! around RM2+ lol.. maybe i din take gambling seriously or wat the money always get away from me =/ btw i also learnt that Janice is a good cook yesterday xD she made Mee sedap and some dishes, its all SALTY but yea at least better than me haha. thats all

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yesterday 21/1/2012 i went to MB with Lee Guan for lunch.. walao the food there aint hygenic even its salty but after that both of us kept complaining tht we have stomache haha.. But that never stop us from going out for movie at night with michael and edward
we watched that movie (till now i dunno wat is the title) haha.. the movie is funny u all should watch ;)
BTW happy Chinese New year to all of u!!
well besides all these i've learnt abt myself recently that i suddenly got impatient especially while driving.. cant stand slow drivers even i am 1 of them haha whoever who drives slower than me i'll hon u XD remember that

Saturday, December 3, 2011


bored.. tired.. felt defeated.. not ready for studies then got affected with relationship problems.. i hate this feelings.. really couldn't describe what is my current feelings now.. always i tell myself to put those stupid relationship stuff aside but still it will come back and if i go for it.. i'll get hurt or something even if she's not my girlfriend.. lol.. 1 day i must throw away my books and start learning how to be a socialble man.. i need it really.. too must stress will defenately get me several A's in most of my subject but at the same time reducing my time in enjoying with friends and the person i like.. well basically i wont mention who is the person i like but its obvious for my real life friends.. they knew it.. but i'd prefer better on my bestfriend.. since she's got a bf now and changing her career into working in an office, i believe we'll sooner or later loss contact with each other.. well i can say that without her, i might loss my sanity long long ago.. so.. yeah.. she could be someone important to me.. As for the person i'd like.. hmm.. yeah.. i like her but she sometimes seems to like me too but sometimes not and i just knew her half a year.. maybe i need to understand her a bit more longer b4 i tackle.. if she is still available in the future.. talk about my studies, hmm.. Finally only 1 subject i got the highest but its just a simple test.. it's my macro.. i scored 99 and is very satisfied with it.. as for the other subjects.. i need to work harder on it.. then for my sports.. i've joined my bestfriend and her friends that group and he told me that i improved a lot but unfortunately my exam is coming so i refuse to follow them for badminton.. family problems.. well usually nothing much till recently.. my mum felt sick and i still doesnt had the mood to look after my parent's business.. she told me to change another business but Hello? i'm still studying in diploma level how do you aspect me to think of a long term business for you now? she sometimes treated me like a kid as well.. and i was like WTF.. up till my friend Ian, he has recruited me in his dancing group.. i think the reason why i joined his group is for chasing girls i like but hmm.. seems like i always have an unstable answer whether i like someone or not.. but for Ian so sorry that i have to learn dancing a lil bit later.. will work really hard.. Till now, actually i thought i know myself well but not at all.. what is my future goals? of coz being rich and have my own family with my own house and cars.. well.. thats everyone's answer.. but i mean maybe my job, relationship, attitude, likes, dislikes.. etc. everything has made me gone crazy.. i told myself since i was form 4 that when i grow up i'll be an accountant then said businessman, then now? no idea.. i told myself that i will like someone but do i really like her? cant answer. i told myself to control my bad attitude everything but why? i still will act like that sometimes..